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Yet Another LookOut

ONSPEED - The Real Alternative to DSL

ONSPEED speeds up your web browsing and sending and receiving of emails.

It uses on-the-fly, patented compression technology, developed by NASA, and is great for people struggling with dial-up or slow broadband.

ONSPEED is the market leader in Internet acceleration. ONSPEED for PC & Mac and ONSPEED Mobile have around 750,000 customers worldwide.

ONSPEED for PC & Mac and ONSPEED Mobile work anywhere in the world.

  • Dial Up - 10x Faster, Broadband - 5x, GPRS/HSPDA - 8x Faster
  • Keep your existing ISP and phone line
  • For Windows, Mac or PocketPC
  • A software download so there is NO need for new hardware
  • Revolutionary new technology. Easy to install and simple to use
  • Works with any Internet connection and any ISP in any country
  • Works with all 3G dongle / USB / Datacards
  • Works on connections up to 2Mb
  • Works on most mobile phones
  • Keep your existing GPRS/3G
  • Reduces your existing mobile data bills by up to 75%
  • 14-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied!
  • Onspeed -The Web Accelerator at Only 2.08 a month Click Here

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PowWeb Hosting - FREE Easy-to-Use Website Builder!

  • Unlimited of disk space
  • Unlimited data transfer per month
  • 10 FTP Users (separate directories), FrontPage 98/2000/2002 extentions. Member Operations Control Panel by which you can manage your personal account settings as well as web site settings (FTP and POP accounts, SMTP settings, DNS A, MX and CNAME records, MySQL databases, users and privileges).
  • POP3/IMAP. SMTP access. Secure login webmail. Catch-all email, email forwarding, virus scanning, spam filters. Sendmail
  • Web address with your domain name. Free Domain Name for new domains. Host Unlimited Domains.
  • Raw access, error and referral log files. Webalizer and AwStats statistics
  • PHP4 & PHP5, Zend Optimizer, Perl5, CGI-bin, SSI, .htaccess, Crontab jobs. 75 MySQL Databases, up to 3 users per database. phpMyAdmin. SSL - Shared Secure Certificate. Built in osCommerce Shopping Cart.
  • Dell servers NetApp RAID4 storage clusters. Load Balanced Hosting Technology. Server clusters use multiple Cisco CSS and F5 BigIP Load Balancing switches designed for failover. PowWeb also uses industry-leading hardware from Foundry and Juniper Networks. Multi-homed to Tier 1 backbone providers.
  • 3 months billing cycle - $7.77/month x 3 months = $23.31 Setup fee $30.00
    12 months billing cycle - $5.77/month x 12 months = $69.24 Setup fee $0.00
    2 years billing cycle - $5.77/month x 24 months = $138.48 Setup fee $0.00

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Comfi - ComFi.com is Your international pre-paid phone cards provider.

Save money and time with ComFi.com. ComFi offers a wide choice of quality international calling cards for any destination.

  • Wide selection of cards
  • Your PIN online
  • Low rates to any destination
  • High connection quality
  • Direct access ? PIN-free
  • Easy PIN refill

SpoofCard - Make truly anonymous calls with SpoofCard

  • Ability to change your caller ID when calling somebody.
  • Ability to change your voice to a male or female in real-time.
  • Option to record your conversation, which can later be retrieved by logging-in to the control panel or calling the toll-free access number from any phone.
  • SpoofCard is legal in the US and throughout the world.
  • At this time, SpoofCard works in the US only. International calling will be available in the near future.

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Box.net - Online file storage from Box.net. Upload, share, and access your files anywhere.

Box.net is an online file storage platform that enables users to share, access and store important files online anytime, anywhere. Users can access or share their files from any computer or mobile device (no software required), so any files stored on the service can be retrieved or shared anywhere. Box.net currently has over a million registered users.

  • Box for Individuals. Store your documents on Box so that you can access them from anywhere. Share photos on your blog or website, and more.
  • Box for Businesses. Send files to clients. Collaborate on documents in a shared space. Box is perfect for small teams and workgroups!
  • Box for Enterprises. Box.net enterprise solutions will save you important time and money, without compromising your network or diverting IT

Mozy - Free. Automatic. Secure. Mozy Online Backup

  • Open/locked file support
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption
  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Automatic or scheduled backups
  • New and changed file detection
  • Block level incremental backups
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • File versioning
  • Public or private key encryption

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