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E-mail accounts
Premium e-mail accounts

FuseMail - Fast, Innovative, Spam Free Email Service!

  • Check your email accounts, in one place, anywhere! FuseMail consolidates your Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail, POP3.
  • Server Side Search Folders Create a mail folder that contains your saved search criteria such as all unread mail accessible from IMAP & the web from any PC and any email client. A feature only found at FuseMail!
  • Block 100% of Spam and Viruses with FuseFilter challenge response system. Configure up to 3 Spam fighting technologies to insure a spam and virus free mailbox.
  • Consolidate your news with an integrated RSS client! Configure RSS folders and consolidate your RSS feeds such as news headlines into your mail folders accessible via IMAP or the web.
  • With FuseMail's server side email you can access your email, Calendar, Contacts, and more from any computer anywhere with IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and Webmail access
  • Optimized for your email client. We have specifically designed our service to dramatically improve the speed of your email client with our custom IMAP servi
  • Multiple Personal and Group Plans depending on disk space and features provided. Free plan available!

Mailblocks - Anti-Spam Email Service

  • Challenge/Response spam-blocking
  • Email addresses to manage newsletter and mailing list relationships
  • Email rules
  • Spam-free protection for your other email accounts: Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, Hotmail or POP3 accounts
  • Web-based email service. Also can be used with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Entourage or Apple Mail
  • 6MB attachment size
  • Two types of fee-based service: Basic and Premium. There is a Free service also
  • Multiple domain names: mailblocks.com, writesoon.com, keepconnected.com, emailservice.com, energymail.com, luckymail.com, mailster.com, mailzoo.com, onestopbox.com and others!
  • Possibility to send messages with a customer's domain name.
  • For details about anti-spam technology, service plans features and prices go to Mailblocks

Runbox Mail Manager - The best email service money can buy

  • 100 MB of storage space for email (additional space available on request).
  • Powerful anti-spam filtering based on SpamAssasin, Open Relay Database and Razor.
  • Anti-virus filtering. Virus scanning can be turn on or off by the user.
  • Extra 100 MB of space to store files (for personal usage).
  • Powerfull address book: sort, index, search contacts, organize contacts by group.
  • Access to email on any device via Web, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, WAP, SMS, PDA.
  • Use with Netscape, Eudora, Mozilla, The Bat, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.
  • Send and receive large messages, up to 20 MB each.
  • A clean, intuitive, and fast webmail with no advertisements.
  • Extremely fast, text-only "mobile" version of webmail for low-bandwidth devices like PDAs,mobile phones and laptops, using a mobile phone modem.
  • Configurable message filters which include, among the others, sending the hole message or only the sender and subject of the email by SMS to a mobile phone.
  • Possibility to use any "From" and "Reply-to" address.
  • Many useful functions for messages managing: ordering by different fileds, organizing in folders, drag-and-drop moving, search for specific messages, spell checking and more.
  • Retreive messages from multiple POP3 servers automatically at a specified interval or manually.
  • Multiple discounted subscription plans.
  • Get your runbox mail manager - 100 MB email

Onebox - The power of voicemail, email and fax - all in Onebox!

Onebox is a unified messaging service that combines voicemail, email and fax! You get a personal toll-free, 800 phone number and an email address so that all your voicemail, email and fax messages come into one inbox - your Onebox account. You can receive voice messages and faxes at your personal toll-free number. Also you can receive email messages sent to your email address. You can access your mail, voice and fax messages by two ways:
- Listen to voice messages, read emails and view faxes on any computer that has Internet access by going to the Onebox web site.
- Listen to voice and even email messages and get the status of faxes from any phone by dialing your Onebox phone number.
You can send email to anyone with an email address and send faxes to any fax number through Onebox web interface. There is a free trial period for the first 30 days. Get your email, fax and voice messages all in Onebox and Make your small business look professional!

NamePlanet - personalized e-mail addresses

NamePlanet offers e-mail addresses like your_first_name@your_last_name.xx, for example john@white.ms or paul@costner.net or linda@floyd.as or alice@wellings.com. There are a lot of celebrity names: hemingway, washington, bush, clinton, gates and others. There are also many "color" names like green, blue, white, brown. Webmail interface is available in english, arabic, catalan, dansk, deutsch, espanol, francais, norski, japanese and svenska languages. You can add information in contacts list, search words in the "from", "to", "cc", "subject" fields and message body. There is a posibility to collect your mail through POP3 protocol from other mail servers (yahoo, netscape, earthlink, compuserve, netzero, btinternet and others). Get your firstname@lastname address at NamePlanet

Free e-mail accounts

UK2.NET - Free email with spam protection

  • 10MB Disk Space
  • Super Fast Online Webmail
  • Spam / Virus Protection
  • Blacklists / Whitelists
  • Online Web Calendar
  • UK2.NET

Mailblocks - Anti-Spam Email Service

  • Challenge/Response spam-blocking
  • 5MB of storage
  • Email addresses to manage newsletter and mailing list relationships
  • Email rules
  • Three types of service: Free, Basic and Premium
  • Multiple domain names: mailblocks.com, writesoon.com, 5starmail.com, emailservice.com, energymail.com, luckymail.com, mailster.com, mailzoo.com and others!
  • Sign Up for Mailblocks

Mail.com - Free email accounts with personalized domain names

Mail.com has over 100 interesting domain names to choose from. Here are some examples: mail.com, email.com, iname.com, europe.com, usa.com, aisa.com, post.com, writeme.com, whoever.com, dublin.com, london.com, doctor.com, engineer.com, programmer.net. Free space is 10 MB. Address book with the possibility to create aliases and mailing groups, spam filter, power editor to write messages in HTML, configurable message filters. Premium Services (for fee) include 30 MB mailbox, POP3 access, e-mail forwarding. Mail.com

Langoo - non-english e-mail

Very interesting service is offered by Langoo. Langoo provides the first "font free" e-mail service targeted to ethnic, non-english speakers. Langoo.com is multilingual e-mail (and chat) portal that accurately transforms Latin characters into any language that is non-Latin based. As a person who reads and writes in a non-Latin based language you can use Langoo's native language email service to correspond in russian, hindi, gujarati, telugu, urdu, korean, japanese, traditional chinese, and simplified chinese. It's easy to use and it works on any latin based keybord. Better yet, your message can be read by any other user on any mail system - no special fonts, operating system or language input system is required on either end. Best of all, it's free. Using your standard Latin keybord you phonetically input the words in your language, and the corresponding characters will appear. To put it simply, the way you speak is the way you type. Langoo