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Internet Call Waiting and Call Notification

If you have a single phone line and you are online, your callers will get a busy signal, and you will miss incoming phone calls. This problem can be resolved by internet call waiting software. Let's consider several internet call waiting programs with different capabilities.

Pagoo Call Catcher - Internet Call Waiting for USA and Canada

Over 1,000,000 customers have tried Pagoo. When you are connected to the Internet, Pagoo Call Catcher answers and and records callers' voice messages on your personal Pagoo voicemail box. Immediately after a message is recorded, you are notified through the pop-up window and can listen to message on your computer, without disconnecting. All messages are written to your private Pagoo mailbox. Messages have no length limit. There are two options for listening to messages, local, through the Pagoo Player software, and remote, through the web-based Message Manager. With the Message Manager you can also forward voice messages to any email address. You can personalize the greeting message (45 seconds maximum).
Pagoo works with "Call Forward On Busy" service of the phone company and a TOLL FREE number. During the 30-day trial period the Call Catcher is free. In order to be completely free during trial period Pagoo will reimburse you for the set up fees charged by your phone company for "Call Forward on Busy".
Pagoo works even if you have call waiting on your phone line.
Pagoo Player is available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and Macintosh. WebTV and Linux users can hear messages on a personal Message Managerô page on the Pagoo website. This service is accessible in USA and Canada. Pagoo, Inc