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Nota Bene!

  1. How to configure Scalix with Spamassassin on SuSe
  2. How to install bootable Linux on RAID array
  3. How to install bootable Linux on SATA HD
  4. How to measure traffic with iptables through Linux gateway
  5. How to see who is connected on Portmaster through SNMP
  6. How to graph the number of busy dial-up channels on Portmaster 3 using MRTG
  7. How to protect yourself from SPAM
  9. Some MySQL commands
  10. Acronyms Dictionary
  11. What is Your IP
  12. Sed 1 line commands Taken from http://sed.sourceforge.net/sed1line.txt
  13. Some VI commands
  14. How to connect from Linux to Windows through VNC
  15. How to configure PPPoE on Cisco
  16. How to configure GRE tunnel between Cisco and Linux
  17. How to configure tunnel on dynamic IP connection
  18. How to enforce per-domain quota in Dovecot server
  19. Password verification function for PostfixAdmin
  20. Regex to validate domain names and email addresses