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How to configure Cisco - Linux GRE tunnel


Cisco 851. CiscoIOS version 12.4. Linux Slackware 12.0

GRE over IP tunnel Cisco - Linux

Cisco end

show conf 
interface Tunnel1
 ip address
 tunnel source FastEthernet4
 tunnel destination
interface FastEthernet4
 ip address
interface Vlan1
 ip address
ip route Tunnel1

Linux end

# ifconfig eth0 netmask 

# ifconfig eth1 netmask 

# ip tunnel add my_tunnel mode gre remote local ttl 255 
# ip addr add dev my_tunnel
# ip link set dev my_tunnel up 

# ip route add dev my_tunnel

# ip tunnel
gre0: gre/ip  remote any  local any  ttl inherit  nopmtudisc
my_tunnel: gre/ip  remote  local  ttl 255