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Acronyms Dictionary

Letter A

AAL - ATM Adaptation Layer

AC - Alternative Current

ACE - Automatic Computing Engine

ACE - Access Control Entry

ACL - Access Control List

ACIA - Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter

ACK - Acknowledgment

ACM - Association for Computing Machinery

ACPI - Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

ACPICA - ACPI Component Architecture

ACU - Automatic Calling Unit

ADC - Analog-to-Digital Converter

ADCCP - Advanced Data Communication Control Procedure

ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

AFFM - Airflow Field Modification

AFIPS - American Federation of Information Processing Societies, Inc.

AFL - Abstract Family of Languages

AGP - Accelerated Graphics Port

AHPL - A Hardware Programming Language

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Algol - Algoritmic Language

ALU - Atithmetic and Logic Unit

AM - Amplitude Modulation

AMD - Advanced Micro Devices

AMI - Alternate Mark Inversion. American Megatrends Inc.

AML - ACPI Machine Language

AMR - Audio Modem Riser

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

AOC-D - Advice Of Charge During the Call

AODI - Always On Dynamic ISDN

API - Application Programming Interface

APIC - Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller

APL - A Programming Language

APM - Advanced Power Management

APPN - Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking

APSE - Ada Programming Support Environment

ARIN - American Registry for Internet Numbers

ARMA - Autoregressive Moving Average

ARPA - Advanced Research Projects Agency

ARPANET - Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

ASCC - Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator

ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASL - ACPI Source Language

ATA - AT Attachment

ATAPI - ATA Packet Interface

ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ATX - Advanced Technology Extended

AU - Arithmetic Unit