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How to configure Scalix with Spamassassin on SuSe Linux

Open SuSe 11.0
Open source Scalix 11.4.2
Spamassassin 3.2.4
Spamass-milter 0.3.1

Filtering spam messages is done by the Spamassassin. Spamassassin is called by the spamass-milter. Spamass-milter can be called either by the Scalix SMTP Relay or by the Sendmail. Let us describe configuration for both methods.

Let's assume Scalix was installed in the /var/opt/scalix

Section I is the same for both methods.

I. Configuration of Spamassassin and spamass-milter

1) Install Spamassassin

2) Create working directory for Spamassassin

# mkdir /home/spamassassin; chown nobody /home/spamassassin

3) In /etc/sysconfig/spamd set run arguments for Spamassassin daemon

SPAMD_ARGS="-d -c -L -u nobody -x --virtual-config-dir=/home/spamassassin" 

4) Install spamass-milter

5) In /etc/rc.d/spamass-milter set correct variables DAEMON and SOCKET, for example


6) Start spamd and spamass-milter

# service spamd start
# service spamass-milter start

7) Configure spamd and spamass-milter to start on system boot

# chkconfig spamd 35
# chkconfig spamass-milter 35

To configure futher choose either section II or section III.

II. Configuration of Spamassassin calling from within the Scalix SMTP Relay

1) In /var/opt/scalix/ml/s/sys/smtpd.cfg set options

INPUT_MAIL_FILTER=('spamassassin', S='local:/var/run/spamass-milter/spamass-milter.sock, F=, T=C:15m;S:4m;R:4m;E:10m')

Ensure the milter socket path is the same in the smtpd.cfg and in the /etc/rc.d/spamass-milter

2) Restart the Scalix SMTP Relay

# omoff -d 0 -w smtpd
# omon smtpd

III. Configuration of Spamassassin calling from within the Sendmail

1) In /var/opt/scalix/ml/s/sys/smtpd.cfg set option


2) Add options to sendmail.mc and compile new sendmail.cf with m4.

INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`spamassassin',`S=local:/var/run/spamass-milter/spamass-milter.sock, F=, T=C:15m;S:4m;R:4m;E:10m')dnl
define(`confINPUT_MAIL_FILTERS', `spamassassin')dnl

Ensure the milter socket path is the same in the sendmail.mc and in the /etc/rc.d/spamass-milter

2 alternative) Sendmail can be configured by editing sendmail.cf file directly, without compiling new configuration file.

In sendmail.cf set InputMailFilters option

# Input mail filters
O InputMailFilters=Spamassassin

Add some milter macros definitions in the Milter options section

# Milter options
O Milter.macros.connect=b, j, _, {daemon_name}, {if_name}, {if_addr}
O Milter.macros.helo={tls_version}, {cipher}, {cipher_bits}, {cert_subject}, {cert_issuer}
O Milter.macros.envfrom=i, {auth_type}, {auth_authen}, {auth_ssf} {auth_author}, {mail_mailer}, {mail_host}, {mail_addr}
O Milter.macros.envrcpt={rcpt_mailer}, {rcpt_host}, {rcpt_addr}

In MAIL FILTER DEFINITIONS section add spamass-milter definition

Xspamassassin, S=local:/var/run/spamass-milter/spamass-milter.sock, F=, T=C:15m;S:4m;R:4m;E:10m

Ensure the milter socket path is the same in the sendmail.cf and in the /etc/rc.d/spamass-milter

3) Restart Sendmail

# service sendmail restart

4) Restart the Scalix SMTP Relay

# omoff -d 0 -w smtpd
# omon smtpd