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How to connect from Linux to Windows through VNC

If you have a RealVNC server installed on a Windows machine you can connect to it from Linux by either of two options:

  • Installing a RealVNC client on the Linux machine
  • Using RealVNC viewer for Java
If you don't have a RealVNC client installed on the Linux the easiest method to connect to Windows is through Java viewer. On Linux, in the web browser type the IP:port address where IP is the address of the Windows machine and port is RealVNC server port on that machine, usually 5800 (ex. In the "Connection details" window click OK and in the "Authentication" window type the VNC password, press enter and the VNC window showing remote Windows computer will appear. If the Windows computer is locked or it is after restart, you may meet a little dificulty to connect. Windows may ask you to type Ctrl-Alt-Del to logon. The problem is if you type that magic three button salute on your Linux machine it will catch it and will restart or will show you the logoff/restart window. To resolve this issue you have to desactivate temporary or permanently the Ctrl-Alt-Del keyboard shortcut on the Linux computer. In KDE open "Control Center" Panel and go to "Keyboard Shortcuts" subsection (in the "Regional & Accessibility" section). Find the Ctrl-Alt-Del shortcut and desactivate it (set it to "None"). After this you can safely send Ctrl-Alt-Del keyboard to the VNC window and logon to remote Windows. After you finished your work on Windows you may activate Ctrl-Alt-Del shortcut on Linux again.