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Unified Messaging Systems: voicemail, email and fax.

Onebox - The power of voicemail, email and fax - all in Onebox!

Onebox is a messaging service that combines voicemail, email and fax! You get a personal toll-free, 800 phone number and an email address so that all your voicemail, email and fax messages come into one inbox - your Onebox account. You can receive voice messages and faxes at your personal toll-free number. Also you can receive email messages sent to your email address. You can access your mail, voice and fax messages by two ways:
- Listen to voice messages, read emails and view faxes on any computer that has Internet access by going to the Onebox web site.
- Listen to voice and even email messages and get the status of faxes from any phone by dialing your Onebox phone number.
You can send email to anyone with an email address and send faxes to any fax number through Onebox web interface. Get your email, fax and voice messages all in Onebox and
Make your small business look professional!