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Online File Storage and Data Backup

Diino - Secure web storage. 2GB free!

Diino provides users an on-line environment where they can safely store, access & share files of any type and size. It is particularly useful for users with large digital photos and music files that are difficult to access and share because of their size. Diino's strong security also makes it suitable for users desiring a safe place to store personal and confidential documents. Diino accounts with 2GB of storage are available for free.

Box.net - Data Backup & Storage $7.95/month. Free 14 Day Trial - Sign Up Now!

Box.net is an online file storage platform that enables users to share, access and store important files online anytime, anywhere. Users can access or share their files from any computer or mobile device (no software required), so any files stored on the service can be retrieved or shared anywhere. Box.net currently has over a million registered users.

  • Box for Individuals. Store your documents on Box so that you can access them from anywhere. Share photos on your blog or website, and more.
  • Box for Businesses. Send files to clients. Collaborate on documents in a shared space. Box is perfect for small teams and workgroups!
  • Box for Enterprises. Box.net enterprise solutions will save you important time and money, without compromising your network or diverting IT

Box.net Features and Benefits

  • Anywhere Access - Access your important files any place you have an internet connection, from any computer.
  • Secure Storage - Upload your files safely with 256-Bit Encryption.
  • Safe Backup - Keep a copy of your important files safe from theft, fire, and other hazards.
  • Software Free - Works with any PC or Mac, any operating system, any web browser.
  • Efficient Uploading - Simply drag and drop files, or email them to your account instantly.
  • Easy File Transfer - Send files of any type - large documents, photos, videos, zip files - to friends, contacts and clients. Forget the hassle of email attachments and FTP clients.
  • Mobile Access - Access your files on your Internet connected cellular phone.
  • Ample Storage - 5 Gigabytes provide ample storage for documents, video, music, and more.
  • Reliable Hosting - 99.99% Uptime- Your files are always ready for you
  • Free Phone and Web Support - Call 1- 888-255-5640 for help or email support@box.net anytime.

Mozy - Mozy Online Backup. 2GB Free or $4.95/mo for Unlimited Backup. It's simple, automatic and secure!

  • Open/locked file support
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption
  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Automatic or scheduled backups
  • New and changed file detection
  • Block level incremental backups
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • File versioning
  • Public or private key encryption
Znail - free file storage
  • Free 5MB of initial storage space. More space is available in exchange for small donations
  • Download twice the amount of space per day and 5 times the amount per week.
  • Store, retrieve, share bookmarks and other files
  • Special point system to regulate your amount of a space.
  • 100% based on internet browser: files can be accessed from any online computer